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Cockroach is the servant and helper of Executioner In the Labyrinth of death, Its power level is 3/10 and has no abilities, making it the least powerful tank in the the tanks in the Labyrinth of Death.


Track armour

Cockroach seems to be a medium tank with 2 pieces of black metal welded on and a crack, the skull with 2 small crosses that is identical to the one on Ram and a vent sort of thing that is glowing red on the track armour.

His Jaw

The Jaw on Cockroach is not like the ones on other tanks, it can only go up and down and doesn't have the hinge like structure on most tanks and has some small teeth like spikes on it.


He has a strip light on the area near the track, it continues straight until it goes up where the head is situated and his whole body looks quite dirty


A small gun on 1 turret , a large cannon on his main turret and a twin laser on his upper turret


When Ratte was about to be killed by Executioner, Ratte was able to switch places and identity with Cockroach. Causing Cockroach's demise due to the strength of the shell of Executioner.