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Classic Variety of KV-2 (The smile is not true in the main series, due to it being made by a fan)

The KV-2 is a soviet tank. That has a 152mm howitzer that can pen 110mm of armour. It only fires Shells. It has 110mm of armor and It s maximum speed is 35 kilometres per hour. It needs a bit of time to reload its gun. It is known to be one of the medium tanks of the Soviet Army. It is also the reason of the creation of KV-6. They can deal with the Medium German Tanks, especially Tiger Tanks. Its weaknesses are Heavy Tanks ( Like Black Ratte) as there armor is pretty easy to deal with for these tanks, taking a large amount of KV-2s to deal with different heavy tanks. KV2 can come in many varieties, either the classic or the mustache are the only known ones for now.


  • Despite seeing many KV-2 in the series, only 210 were procuced in real life. 110 from 1940 and 100 from 1941