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The Soviets came up with an idea called the KV-44M. It was first used to battle Tankozilla, the Japanese monster tank. But while KV-44M was fighting Tankozilla, Steel Demon attacked him, and it was one of Leviathan's henchmen. KV-44M tried to shoot but Tankozilla shot him before he was going to shoot Tankozilla so KV-44M used its fortress mode to shoot both Tankozilla and Steel Demon. Then Tankozilla retreated since he saw the Americans escaping. So, KV-44 pointed all his guns at Steel Demon. However Steel Demon then deployed a secret weapon. KV-44 did manage to defeat the tank, but he didn't notice that the Steel Demon was infected with a parasite. So, the tank turned into a giant flesh spider and then shot its laser. KV-44 used its energy to make a shield of some sort, but the laser still did massive damage. So KV-44 died. Luckily Artillery Monster shot the giant spider and it was killed. KV-44 was repaired, with an addition of 8 more cannons. Meanwhile, the dead giant spider's parasite crawled out and infected Soviet Ratte, who turned into Demon Ratte. The Demon Ratte fought the Soviet and KV-44. the demon did a lot of damage, while it barely received any damage because of its artillery guns and it's parasitic shield. Then Waffentrager 3.0 came, and in response KV-44 used it's new fortress mode. Waffentrager got 2 upgrades, armor, and 2 more guns. Ratte used a powerful shot to defeat KV-44. Then Robo-Stalin came, fought the German tanks and told the two soviet tanks to have a rest. Soviet Dora then had to drag the KV-44 to China. While there, KV-44 was repaired but had to evacuate with the other tanks because Leviathan broke in. After that, they were on the way to a fortress, but KV-44 had to deal with German robots. the robots almost defeated him, when he came back to his senses. Then he battled them until all his guns were destroyed. Then one of the robots self-destructed, and KV-44 was defeated, and was then towed back by Fijeron to the Soviet Fortress where he was repaired. Meanwhile, the parasite had somehow made its way into there and infected the dead KV-6. The Demon KV-6 then proceeded to defeat and nearly eat Morok, and almost destroy Fijeron, and so KV-44 battled KV-6 and destroyed it by crushing it. Luckily most of the pieces of the parasite were destroyed, but one piece nearly infected KV-44, thankfully, it was destroyed by the new Soviet Ratte's flamethrower. Later in the series, he was deployed in the battlefield in Berserker Mode (Damaged due to Black Ratte in one of the episodes). He was able to deal with new Mini Ratte Prototype and later enganged in combat with Black Ratte once again. Although able to destroy Black Ratte, he was being attacked by massive amounts of artirelly, one of them hitting his tracks stopping him from retreating. Sadly however, Big Bertha was able to directly hit KV44 causing his demise, leaving his head in the process. It is unkown if the Soviets are able to rebuild KV44 due to the fact that the head of KV44 ( I think if I am right, the main system of KV44 is in his head so rebuilding is still possible, however its head was also in flame at the time of the impact so the system is either completly destroyed or heavily damaged) is still intact and its countless death . Later, KV-44M head was retrieved along with Black Ratte body by the Twilight Mechanical Engineer and was Towed by Ratte. KV-44M head was combined with Black Ratte body, along with some soviet arnaments. Which makes it a frankenstein monster.

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Power level of all versions of KV44M

KV-44M: 10/10

KV-44M (Fortress Tank): 20/10

KV-44M 2.0 : 20/10

KV-44M 2.0 (Defense Protocol) : 50/10

KV-44M 3.0 (Chinese Upgrade) : 10/10

KV-44M 4.0 (Major Upgrade) : 80/10[]

note: whoever is editing this wiki and adding "futuristic kv44" please stop. I have checked all vids and that is not canon.

note do not change the major upgrade power level

KV-44 Major Upgrade

It is basically a mobile Soviet fortress with guns.


  • 13 Cannons
  • ISU-152 cannons
  • T-34 Cannons
  • KV-2 Cannons
  • Fijeron's cannons
  • Fijeron's Smaller Cannons
  • Main Cannon: KV-2 Cannon but larger in size.
  • 2 Anti-magnet air mines/Anti-air cannons.
  • Launcher that has Magnets (when launched, the air mines will be attracted)


  • Auto replacing Armor
  • Thick armor (Capable of Surviving a shockwave from big bertha's shell)
  • Auto Fire Extinguisher