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The KV-6 is a super-heavy tank appeared in Tanks bce kv-6 multiple episodes. It is a famous tank.and has last stand mod

kv 6 design[]

Newer version of KV-6[]

The newer version is more different than the old KV-6. The main turret, which is the KV-2, is the only turret on the KV-6 to have the jaw.

If you wanted to see the image of this tank, look at the picture near this text




The history of KV-6 is they are separated from 3 Tank brothers. Especially on the first episode of them, they were at a bridge, the brothers try to blow up the bridge so the German tanks can't capture it. Their mission was a success but it was near suicide as they almost died in the battle. Stalin calls the crane tank to rescue them, one of them drowned and the 2 others are unconscious. The crane tank said it was difficult to repair them, so he combined them into KV-6. Stalin liked the warrior so they tested him out and he was a success. Their revenge on the German tanks have begun, they ram, shoot, and fight the German tanks together. In the new episode a parasite has infected KV-6 and he fights Morok and try to eat Morok but Fijeron saves him and fights demon KV-6 at end they send KV-44M to fight demon KV-6. In the new we see KV-44M fight demon KV-6 and destroys the head of KV-6 but after head is not in body the head is still alive because of parasite at end KV-44M destroys the parasite as he rides over head causing it to blast. KV-6 is like when he is angry he will kill his own team like when he thought his both brothers are dead he tried to kill is own team and when leviathan make him bad he even killed Mons. Mons nearly killed KV-6 but he became good and revived KV-6 with berserker armor but KV-6 killed mons and the parasite enters KV-6 body and KV-6 tries to kill Morok then Fijeron saves Morok but Fijeron is unable to kill parasite KV-6 so KV-44 came ad killed Parasite KV-6 destroying KV-6 also.and a uselees tank

However when Leviathan was revived. Leviathan turns KV-6 into his Minion and then he fights Ram and Mons.

Power level of all Versions of KV-6

KV-6 (Version 1.0) : 1.5/10

KV-6 1.0 (Upgraded) : 2/10

KV-6 (Version 2.0) : 3.5/10

KV-6 3.0 (Laboratory Upgrade) : 5/10

KV-6 Berserker (Version 4.0) : 7/10

KV-6 (Berserker Removed) : 0.5/10

Demon KV-6 (Parasitic Version) : 10/10

Demon KV-6 (Rage) : 12/10

KV-6 (Leviathan Minion) : 18/10

The first:1/10

The air control: 2/10


Polish version 1: 4/10

Secret Lab: 5/10

Berserker: 7/10