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“GET PAY” ~Demon Ratte With All Labyrinth Powers As He faces Leviathan


Hitler and his Nazis thought about making the Ratte construction plan real, but would end up destroying bridges for some time. Even with amounts of Anti Air it have, it would be targets of Heavy Bomber Forces like B-17 and lots more, costing the waste of materials for the production of other tanks needed. Albert Speer decided to cancel the project instead as it would require heavy metal and still has a very big weaknesses.


It has 2x 28 cm (actually 28.3 cm) naval guns, 8x (but 4x in the animations since side views) 2 cm Flak 38 (in later versions this is changed to 2x 8.8 cm Flak 41), and 1x 12.8 cm Pak 44. A jaw used to either bite things, eat, or toss out smaller tanks. Two round spherical eyes that are either red or yellow, depending on the characteristics.


1st series: first times in the world

When the 38t made a blueprint and builds the Ratte, it was also given a “brain device” in which it gives him AI properties. He showed this to his other Nazis. They fed the Ratte a Soviet medium tank from their basement. When Ratte ate the tank, he smacks his jaws twice. He is ready for battle. When that one intruder came, it was T-26 almost covered in gray paint that was used as “Nazi disguise”. As for T-26 escapes, Ratte emerges from the ground and roars (The roaring sound used was borrowed from Tankozilla). He calls Stalin for help as he discovered the land-ship. Stalin then sends out Soviet tanks (especially KV-6) to stop it. At some time while they were fighting, T-26 attempts to detach the brain from Ratte without being noticed. When he saw the brain, he tries to pull it out with physical force. The brain is now detached and brought Ratte to a halt, despite almost trying to kill KV-6. He dulls out and deactivates.

2nd series: Leviathan clone

Soviet Ratte 1

For some time, T-26 has to find something larger to destroy the Leviathan clone, meaning to use Ratte he detached the brain from. He gets in and will try to pilot the Ratte. Anything inside Ratte still functions well. When T-26 picks the brain device up, he lets the operator scan the brain, and quickly barge himself dropping the brain to access its controls. In this process, the Ratte they fought had turned to their side and became the Soviet Ratte. He also somehow looks at the viewer while his eyes turn yellow, and winks at the end. While the tanks were fighting the Leviathan clone, T-26 controlling the Ratte joins the fight thus sending out another roar. He helps them defeat the clone, but its armor still deflects and hasn’t taken a single scratch. Meanwhile, French and German light tanks were in the dungeons and their bodies are transferred to Franken and Stein, the two banes of Leviathan. They were sent above the ground to help, and all of them finally managed to damage the clone because of Franken and Stein’s bullets. Stalin in his HQ prepares his spherical weapon and shoots a deadly beam above the Leviathan clone, and is finished off in seconds.

3rd series: the iron mines + battle with soviet monsters

Rattle then was infected with a parasite. It first destroyed KV-6, then it battled KV-44m, and did massive damage. But then it and Waffentrager e100 were lured out of their bone shield and were heavily damaged. Then they faced Robo-Stalin 3.0, and they almost got killed by Robo-Stalin's sword, but they escaped through a portal, and then Leviathan sent them to defend the iron mines. Then KV-6 2.0 came and battled rattle. Ratte won, but they both ended up falling into a lake.

4th series: The Labyrinth of Death

Leviathan found out that rattle failed again so leviathan sent him to the labyrinth of death. First, he faced hypnosis, which could paralyze tanks, and was defeated by rattle shooting its amulet, and hypnosis gave him an eye that could force someone to be paralyzed until shot. It also gained front armor. The next rattle faced toxic, which was defeated by paralyzing it and crushing it. Rattle gained toxic artillery. Next was Ram, which was destroyed by a toxic acid that went on his amulet and then Ratte gained a new front ramming armor. Then he faced a trash monster, which was defeated by Ratte crushing its amulet. He gained a harpoon and face armor. And then lighter nearly destroyed him, but rattle hit its fire tank, the fire tank exploded, thus replacing one of its toxic artillery into a flamethrower. Next in that maze was faceless, a huge faceless monster with a gigantic cannon. It gave it powers to rattle despite almost destroying rate because rattle ate his amulet. Rattle was awarded a larger main cannon. Freezer was next and got obliterated by Rattle detaching his fire tank, placing it under Freezer, and shooting it. Ratte's back Maus sized cannon was replaced with a freezer cannon. Mimic was next, which was a strange slime with many abilities. It was destroyed by Rattle eating the amulet of mimic rattle, thus giving him the abilities. Then he forcefield a swarm of tanks, but not gaining any powers. Then cockroach appeared, joined by Executor, which defeated rattle, but rattle faked the death with one of Mimic's powers, and Executioner was defeated by its screen destroyed. Rattle gained a new front armor, and small wings. He went back into the normal world, killed Leviathan, but then leviathan took away its powers to itself. Then Morok appeared with a laser cannon and hit leviathan, and the demonic souls almost flew away, so leviathan made a clone, and escaped. Morok was barely able to defeat the clone until Rattle helped Morok push the clone into a portal. Then Morok let Ratte go with him for repairs. But when he was going into the portal, the parasite inside of him woke up and fought Morok. He chased Morok through the second portal and went into his world. Ratte fought Morok until Morok removed the parasite.

5th series: Morok's Friend

Ratte was repaired by the Twilight Engineer by Morok’s orders. In the Twilight Engineer’s repair room, he has a new secondary gun, 2 air defence flak cannons, a compact flamethrower, a double-cannon Maus turret at the rear, and a green paint job resembling the old Soviet Ratte from the second series. After the repair, he is challenged by Mons but Morok stops the Duel and tells them how Leviathan plans this. So they join his army along with KV-6’s brothers being the T-100 SMK, the Polish Fellow, and the Elderly Soviet Engineer. Overall Ratte has become a good friend of Morok but when Leviathan army comes he helps him to fight them.

6th series: parasite in the factory

Morok helped its army escape Leviathan, and they ended up in a Soviet factory, and a parasite-infected KV 6. The parasite defeated Morok, and heavily damaged Fijeron. But KV-44 defeated the parasitic KV 6, but pieces of the parasite went loose. All pieces were destroyed, but one was about to infect KV-44, but Ratte used its flamethrower to destroy the last piece.

7th series: serving of the Soviet Army

After the parasite incident, Ratte began helping the Soviets battle, being good friends with Fjigeron. Despite being a reliable tank to be sent in the battlefield, he is mostly known to go out on missions ( Like bringing of Fjigeron or bringing of parts for Ratte-44)

After the parasite incident,

Power level of all versions of Ratte:

- German Ratte : 4.12/10

-Soviet Ratte : 8.24/10

-Demon ratte madness parasite : 12/10

-Demon Ratte (Rage) : 15/10

-Black Ratte : 16.45/10

-Ratte-44 : 18.5/10

-Soviet Ratte : 20/10

- Death Labyrinth Ratte(Ratte With all gladiator souls) : 44/10