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"I saw your battle with Hypnosis, you are quite good even though I would have defeated him twice as fast"- Lighter to waffentrager at the moon base


Lighter is the fifth Gladiator Tank found in the Labyrinth of Death. He is encountered after destroying Rubbish Monster.

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Lighter is the 5th opponent in the Labyrinth of Death his power level is 7/10 and he's probably the most outraged one and the fastest to be outraged


He has Fiery shooting that's just him flamethrowing and that's all since his fast rage is not an ability

How Lighter was defeated[]

Ratte used his Harpoon instead of wheels cause they exploded cause of lighter's fast outrage and then he came to another part of the maze and ratte used its Harpoon again to make rocks fall out and be used as Shields but Lighter's laser was strong enough to finish that up in 3 shots then ratte realized that lighter's fire barrel is just like the amulet if he shot it so he did with the front nuclear flak gun and Lighter was annihilated then the powers came to ratte(explaining that the barrel was technically his amulet)and the flak gun that saved his life upgraded to a flak flamethrower.

In the moon base, he was fighting waffentragen when a damaged robot came up to him from behind and shot his fire tank which blew him in half and waffentragen lasered him, killing him