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“Do you remember Ram? He is sending you his greetings.” ~Mons convincing Ratte while pushing him


Mons is a super-heavy tank and is Ram's sibling. He appeared in Homeanimations's cartoons. Mons has a power level of 24/10



Mons has dark teal armor with 12 (which apparently has 6 on side view) sets of wheel guards, a piston-like part at the back of his head, a huge high-caliber barrel, red simple but good-shaped eyes, and a jaw.

Imprisonment Stone Curse[]

Mons has the same appearances as his first version, but wrapped around with spiky rocks and chains before he emerges. His piston emits light and especially his eyes. His helmet is pure stone along with the jaw.

Mons In Imprisonment stone curse


Mons was first seen fighting KV-6 it destroys all the upgrade then KV-6 become very weak he fires at rock but Mons fires at KV-6 killing him but that rock was falling destroys his curse and he was free he repaired KV-6 and go in the search of his brother Ram then Morok helps him to go Labyrinth of Death where he finds his brother and fights Astorotah which nearly killed him but Leviathan captures and says Ratte killed Ram so he should take revenge on him. Then Mons starts finding Ratte and he finds him and fights but Morok stops the fight and explaining to Mons that ratte did not mean that because Ratte was infected by a parasite and couldn't control his actions. Mons understood and was repaired by Twilight Mechanical Engineer and fights with Leviathan 's army , eventually, Morok Orders him to retreat but Mons did not retreat and destroys Leviathan Army but Leviathan iron ants starts getting on him and KV-6 (controlled by Leviathan) killed him.