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Ram is a super-heavy tank that appears in the Babyrinth or Neath after destroying Poxicus. His younger brother is Mons. He has Power level of 6/10



Ram has a charcoal color scheme, 12 (or 6 since side view) sets of wheel guards but one is chipped off causing it to slightly expose the wheel, a piston at the back of his head and a huge high-caliber barrel which also goes along with a sharp-edged jaw.

Labyrinth Imprisonment[]

In the Labyrinth of Death, either his frontal and rear wheels now have spikes. He was given a frontal ramming shield as well. The wheel guards emitted lighting decals somehow and the barrel slightly changed. His piston emits light from the lines and especially his eyes. An amulet is given also.

How it was defeated

Ram nearly kills Ratte but Ratte fired toxic fluid on the upper rock then Ram come their but that toxic fluid melted his amulet and now Ratte has absorbed Power of Ram.

Appearance at Lunar Base

Hellish Ram

However when Leviathan died on lunar every soul scattered from him and ram also. On lunar base ram fights Toxicus and Rubbish Monster/ Modified and fights mimic leviathan and is defeated, then, during a fight between executioner and mimic leviathan executioners laser cannon laser goes through a door and kills cockroach which makes him fall near Ram and gives him life and the T-100 SMK helps him up and they go to leviathans world to find Mons, In There, They Find The Remains Of Mons, Then A Mad Scientist Shows Him A Green Crystal That Heals Wounds And Ram Takes It And Resurrects mons by destroying his Corrupted Form.

Mission to go somewhere

They went to the forge but was attacked by the (insert the forge guard or guardians name because idk what it is), they were able to deal with it but a bigger (insert name of this aswell). (add what happen to them here pls) They were teleported to the former area of morok but was greeted by Leviathan and KV-6. After T-100 SMK got damaged, they have to battle KV-6, at the verge of death, they decided to morph into one. Still it wasn't enough and there morph died. It is unknown for now if they are dead or not.

Labyrinth of Death Ram