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The German engineer Edward Grotte designed a 1000t tank for the soviets called the Tank Grotte 1000t(TG-5?)

It is armed with 2x305mm naval guns,bigger that Ratte's 280-mm cannons.Also,it has five 152mm KV-2 guns ,four 76-mm T-34 guns and a AA mount at the back.

It is supposed to weigh 1000 tons and have separate engines for each drive wheel,24000 Horsepowers (HP) combined.This will give him a great speed of 60 km/h and a Amazing power-to-weight ratio of 24HP/Ton.

It is 24 meters long(60 meters on some source),length/2 meters wide and unknown meters tall.

In the animations,we can see the 24-meter variant.