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The electro version of Waffenrager auf E 100

Waffenträger auf E 100 is a German Steel Monster in HomeAnimations Main franchaise. It makes its first appearance in "Рождение стального монстра"(translation: birth of a steel monster) Destroying the steel monster, it was also sent to destroy the Soviet Base but got destroyed by a KV-2, KV-6 (Version 1), and Stalin. It was completely destroyed by Levithan for failing defending the mines. Max von Krieger built a new version and it killed Mimic Leviathan and killed by Hypnosis and Lighter.the killer

Later, he comes down to the lowest area of the base and Demonic Ram ram and knocks him unconscious or kills him and uses his electricity to start the portal there.

For World of Tanks players, it is a tier 10 German tank destroyer and it is currently removed from the game